Your Homecoming King Candidates

Joe Sandberg, Mariana Rule, Brianna Skaff, and Olivia LaRosa

Every year, South Windsor High School seniors await in anticipation to find out who will be crowned homecoming king and queen. The entire school votes to narrow down the entire class to the homecoming court before announcing the king and queen at the football game on the day of homecoming. On Friday, October 19, the 2018 Homecoming Court was announced and the school has chosen four nominees for Homecoming King! Get to know your contenders for King below:

Cole Cassettari:

One nominee for homecoming king this year is Cole Cassettari. Cassettari is a well known senior, who spends most of his time playing soccer and hanging out with his friends. Cassettari was surprised he was nominated and does not think that he should win. He believes that “Hunter Pasqualini deserves to win. He’s been just a great overall person these last four years and I think he really deserves to take home the honor of king.”

Cassettari says that he thinks he was “Nominated because a lot of people on the soccer team voted for me.” He also is involved in a few clubs at school such as South Windsor For The Kids, the Drug Free Committee and the Race Committee. The involvement in these clubs has allowed Cassettari to reach “a different range of people,” than many other students do.

Cassettari is interested in winning homecoming king, but believes that “The other candidates deserve it more just because I think they do a better job at campaigning and although I think I am a strong candidate, I would love for someone else to win.”

Hunter Pasqualini:

Hunter Pasqualini is a senior at South Windsor High School that was elected to be on the Homecoming Court for King. The goalkeeper of the varsity soccer team was very humbled about being nominated. He said, “I am really honored by it, because it lets me know how my peers think about me and I really appreciate everyone giving me votes and it just makes me feel great for being nominated.” Pasqualini will be going up against a couple of his soccer friends Cole Cassettari and Mike Tortora in the upcoming voting for homecoming king. When being asked about how he felt about being nominated, he replied, “I think I was nominated because throughout high school, I always tried to be nice to everybody and I try my best to make everyone feel like they’re welcome here.” Pasqualini is very enjoyable person to be around and always comes to school with a great mindset and ready to help anyone at anytime. Pasqualini also enjoys his spring sport of baseball as a varsity infielder and will be looking forward to the upcoming season. He is a very involved person everyday of his life doing the most he can when he can.

Marcus Rodriguez:

Potential Homecoming King, Marcus Rodriguez could not be more excited. Rodriguez is known for being super positive and radiating a contagious energy. Here at the high school, he is a dance captain of the award winning Choral Spectrum. He is able to use his incredible musical abilities to lead the group. He also is a member of the all male acapella group at SWHS, Understaffed. Not only does he sing during school but also outside of school. You can go to his instagram page where you can listen to numerous covers of songs and even one written by himself. He loves to promote uplifting messages and encourage people to do the same on his social media and everyday in general. As he always says, “positivity all the way.”

Rodriguez describes being on the Homecoming court as “cool” and was surprised he is on it because he “did not expect to get recognition for it or any votes except for a few from his friends”. If he won, he would be super happy because he would be able to “put Choral Spectrum on the map” because he is doing it all for that group. Just the fact that he is doing it for others instead of himself shows how truly great of a person Rodriguez is. Whether he wins or not, we all know he will keep up the same great attitude he has and continue to spread his positive vibes throughout the halls of the high school.

Mike Tortora:

Mike Tortora, senior at South Windsor High School, is in the top 8 nominated for homecoming court this year. He has immersed himself into the community of South Windsor High School taking part in many different activities, including Varsity Soccer, Ski Club, South Windsor for the Kids, and CATS.

When asked about how he felt about being nominated, he responded with feeling ¨honored to have received votes from his peers, people I go to school with, it’s just a good feeling.” Tortora also added that he believes he feels qualified to be a member of the homecoming court because of how involved he is in the school and believes that he shows respect to everyone in the school.

After high school, Tortora wants to settle into college and major in marketing or business management, hopefully being able to make an impact there as he has here.