Spirit Week

Spirit Week

Jillian Thibodeau, Editor

With spirit week and homecoming right around the corner at South Windsor High School, many students are getting hyped up for the exciting week. The Bobcat Pride Organization, an extracurricular club at the high school has organized spirit week to happen on October 22nd to October 26. This whole week is full of spirit and leads up to a Friday to remember, with the pep rally and homecoming both planned for Friday the 26th.

Monday, October 22nd kicks off the week with pajama day where students get to wear their comfy sweats and pajamas to school. Many students love doing this, including Senior Khalise Harris. She stated that she is,”most excited to do pajama day because I can get out of bed and go to school with my pjs.”

Tuesday’s spirit is decades day, when students dress up like people did in the seventies, eighties, and nineties. Students tend to get into character and go over the top with this spirit. A junior, Morgan Saylor, mentioned that,¨decades day is the most unique spirit and everyone has their own spin on it.” An example of this is when another junior, named Alexa Shepardson, dressed up as if she were a hippie from the seventies on decades day last year.

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the spirit on Wednesday is pink out. For this spirit, students wear all pink to show their support for breast cancer awareness. Isabella Sanchez is a junior at the high school and said that,”I’m most excited for pink out.” A few days ago, Sanchez had pink out spirit for field hockey. She went all out and wore a pink tutu and her pink field hockey jersey.

Thursday is jersey day, which means that students who play a fall sport, must wear their jerseys to show their team spirit.

Lastly, the week ends with blackout on Friday, as well as the pep rally and homecoming that same day. The pep rally will be held during seventh period at 1:05 to 2:00pm. While the homecoming dance will be held at the school at 7:00 to 10:30pm.

Even though many students love spirit week, and like Harris,”love to show off school spirit,” there are still some suggestions that students think would make the week a lot better. Shepardson would like the BPO to,”Come up with new and different ideas for each spirit week,” and Sanchez thinks that,”vine or meme day would be fun for spirit.”

This upcoming spirit week may have some flaws, but students at South Windsor High School still enjoy sharing their school spirit with their peers during the week.