Fall Fashion

These are the types of fall looks you might see around the high school


These are the types of fall looks you might see around the high school

Olivia LaRosa

Fall means pumpkin spice lattes, spooky movies, leaves falling from trees, and most importantly, a change in fashion. This year, there are a lot of fall fashion trends that you can find in any store. You can tell that this season is all about the fabric and prints. Animal print, especially snake and cheetah print, can be found in any boutique, seen on pants or shoes.

Just like a scene out of the movie Clueless, checkered print is also back in style. A variety of colored checks in differing print sizes are in right now. Much like last fall, leather and fringe are still popular. You can consider pairing a cute leather mini skirt with an animal print sweater or jacket. That would fit in perfectly with this year’s prime fall looks.

Those may be all the looks you can find on the runway, but let’s talk about the fall season looks you can see and wear yourself here at South Windsor High School.

Fall weather can be tricky. Some Days it is freezing, and other days it is super hot out. You might even find yourself enjoying those delightful days where it starts off cold and it gets progressively warmer as the day goes on.  Many would agree that those temperature changes are even worse when you are stuck in a high school all day. Hopefully, these fashion tips will help you make the most of your wardrobe this season.

On a cold day, a sweater and leggings is always an option. You can dress it up by adding a necklace or some bold earrings. Baggy sweaters in colors like yellow, maroon, green and darker shades are what would be a go to for many. However, if you aren’t feeling a sweater, grabbing that comfy hoodie is always worth it! On warmer days, you can always go for the jean-skirt look which pairs up nicely with a cute top. Many girls love the layering clothing style. Some advice? Throw a flannel over your tank top so if you get warm you can just take it off or put it back on if you are cold. Don’t believe me?

“Layers are important,” English teacher Mrs. Lyons claims. “Jean jackets or a favorite scarf are always a great choice.”  Who would know better than the style icon here at SWHS?

As for shoes, if you walk around the halls you will see people in Bean Boots from L.L.Bean, booties from a variety of shops, Timberlands, and some Birkenstocks. Many choose to wear socks with them. Riding boots are also stylish to wear around school. However, this is mainly because some people are still apprehensive about the  transition to short booties:

“Can I wear these short boots with a dress?” questions Mrs. Knapp. “Will it look awkward and weird?” It seems that many people are curious about this at the high school.

Some people may not be accepting of the seasons change yet, and are attempting to continue with  summer clothing trends. Just like Ms. Lyons, fall fashion might seem annoying or sad to you, but we should consider all that is fun about having so many wardrobe options. Don’t hesitate to try out a new look this fall and mix it up! Who knows? Maybe you will find a look that is perfect for you!