Mind’s Eye Club


The Minds Eye Coffeehouse on October 17th, 2018

Clara Gomes, Editor

The Mind’s Eye Literary Magazine is inviting you to join the club! Are you a lover of art, poetry, and literature? This club would be great for you! The Mind’s Eye club focuses on looking at the art and written pieces of students throughout the school for the year’s magazine. The club also hosts coffee houses throughout the year for students to gather and share poetry, music, etc. When you join the club, you can meet such genuine people that appreciate art the way you do. This year, the clubs adviser is Mrs. Flachsbart. She, and other members of the club are excited about what will be accomplished in the future.

“I love art and writing, and because I follow a specific curriculum I don’t always get to see my students’ creative writing,” states Flachsbart. “I think it’ll be a great opportunity for students throughout the building to express themselves creatively. The magazines in the past are really impressive.”

A photo of the cover of last years literary magazine

Not only is the magazine something to look forward to, but the club is notorious for its coffee houses because of the laid back and entertaining environment it provides.

“[The coffee house] is kind of like an open mic night,” she explained. “We’ll serve coffee and refreshments. Usually students come and read poetry or other writing, and sometimes we have musicians as well. Everyone is welcome!”

After speaking with members of the club from last year, they had nothing but great things to say about it. Katie Cole and Kyle Garneau were especially enthusiastic.

“Mind’s Eye has served as a way for me to artistically express myself in a community that fosters growth and friendship around the arts,” states Garneau.

What kind of students would enjoy coming out to the coffee houses/join the club to explore their creative prowess?

“Any student who enjoys reading and/or writing will probably appreciate the club environment,” continues Flachsbart. “It is very relaxed and encouraging of creativity and freedom to express oneself. We are always open to new people and new ideas. Also, it’s cool to be part of a club that has a finished product and end to show off.” The next coffee house will be hosted before winter break.

Meetings will be held in room 129. Be sure to visit her for any questions and to join the classroom so that you can use the remind app to know about upcoming meetings. Come out and spend time doing what you love!