Is Tomato Sauce Flammable? Two Men Attempt to Burn House Down with Ragu Sauce

Is Tomato Sauce Flammable? Two Men Attempt to Burn House Down with Ragu Sauce

Elena Sanderson

Two men in DeLand, Florida, Derrick Irving, 36, and John Silva, 28, were both arrested on March 13th after attempting to rob a house and then burn it down with Ragu sauce. One of the men, supposedly dressed in a bull onesie.

According to Fox News, “The man whose home was being burglarized received an alert on his phone from his residence’s security system informing him of motion being detected in the house, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said.” A towel was placed over the security camera, which made the victim realize that something wasn’t right, causing him to call police immediately.

When Police arrived at the scene, they saw the two suspects attempting to flee the home in their red SUV full of stolen items. They then told the officers that they were just picking up clothes from the house.

According to a deputy official that responded to the call, there was an air conditioning unit, a heater, a vacuum, a marijuana grinder, and an empty jar of Ragu sauce found inside the men’s vehicle. In addition to that, a burning pot of Ragu sauce was found near the stove’s burner with a washcloth, which seems as an attempt to start a fire.

Authorities later found out that the victim and the suspects knew each other, apparently due to past sexual encounters. “It started out as a relationship, that lasted about a week. I’ve let him use my car for four months, maybe he’s angry about that. Or maybe he’s angry because I gave him $150 to fix his teeth,” the victim told WKMC-TV

Both men, Irving and Silva, were charged with unarmed burglary, grand theft, and arson, according to Fox News, receiving their information from the arrest affidavit.