Why April Vacation is Important

Why April Vacation is Important

Andrew Caposella

As a kid I know that it is not really right to complain about needing vacation but guess what I need it.

“April break is apart of my essential survival,” said one student

Vacation brings times of rest and relaxation which as a student today is much needed. WE are always working hard and getting time to stay away from work and school is very nice.  Something that is also great about vacation is that I get to spend time with my family which i generally do not get to hang out with because I dedicate a lot of my time to school work.  A said reality is that if you do not dedicate yourself enough to school work than you may get more time to hang out with friends and family, but you start to fall behind in school and run the potential of not getting any credit in important classes.  I hope that someday the education process becomes a little less stressful for students so they can have a wholistic life where they do not have to choose between family and school.

“I find myself working hard to comprehend material that I really will not be using in my future,” exclaimed one student.

I can’t agree more to this statement because honestly there are some skills and material that we learn in school that we will rarely use in the world post-school and that bothers me.  I feel like, yes, there is important information to know ,but there are also social skills that we need to learn before leaving our educational career. Vacation in my mind allows are students to take some time to interact with society and see different aspects that we may not get exposure to in an educational facility.  I also believe that on vacation we are given time to free our mind from the stress that builds up in school. I hate it when adults say school should not be stressful because it shouldn’t be, but the amount of work that I am given in the course of a week is outrageous and that is not even addressing long term assignments.  I am so happy that now there are some rules in place to alleviate the amount of work we can receive over break as students so that we can enjoy our time off. Hopefully everyone does value and take advantage of the vacation time we receive because as you get older that time starts to easily fade away.