Undefeated Girls’ Tennis Back For Another Season


Kyle Garneau

The Girls’ Tennis team starts its season this week, coming off the excitement from the wave of victories last season. Many are excited to see how well they’ll perform this year and hopes are running high that they’ll repeat their impressive success. They’re all very eager to get back with their team and play the sport they love.

The team offers a special and warm community where everyone is welcomed and bonds nicely. “Well I think the best part of our team is how close we are…” says junior, Grace Imondi, “…we all support each other and look out for each other. I love how our team consists of people with totally different skill levels, but there’s never any judgement or anything of that sort, I support the number one player just as well as she supports me.” Unity and support may just be their key to success.

Although tennis at times can be more focused on the individual, their ability to have such a positive and confident atmosphere allows them to strive. They have the graduated upperclassmen to thank for that. Junior, Sam Donovan, recalls, “The upbeat attitude the upperclassmen set was key to winning the conference like we did last year.” Such an atmosphere will be carried with them through this season, as many members are returning members who already are great friends with one another.  

Their first game is Thursday, April 5th at the home courts at the high school. They’d be appreciative if you came and supported them. Help them make this season as great as the last!