Annie Said to be the Best South Windsor High School Performance in Years!


Brittany Diaz, Adminstrator

Late last week the SWHS Drama Department presented the American classic – Annie! The play consisted of two acts and from start to finish the cast was amazing.


Annie (Grace Helmke) is a 11 year old girl who lives in an orphanage runned by mean Miss Hannigan (Natalie Pelletier). She is forced to scrub the floors and help clean along with the other orphans (Gina Bretz, Hannah Mitchell, Anthara Shivkumar, Natalie Kaczmarek, Megan Phadael, and Skylar Calhoun).


One day Grace Farrell (Marianna Makos) secretary of the billionaire Oliver Warbucks (Connor Gerrity) walks in and announces that Mr. Warbucks would like one orphan to stay with him for two weeks, Annie is fortunately selected after begging to leave the orphanage.


While staying with Mr. Warbucks, Annie eventually develops a strong friendship with him, even though Warbucks soon becomes a father figure to her she is still hopeful she will find her parents some day.


On the search for her paternal parents with help from Mr. Warbucks and President Roosevelt (Noah Frank) Annie comes across a lot of frauds including Miss Hannigans con artist brother Rooster (William Sparks) along with his accomplice and girlfriend Lily St. Regis (Jennette Jacobs). Annie soon learns that her parents have passed a long time ago and is later adopted by Warbucks.


Costumes were organized by Jill Scully along with students Grace Whitlock and Corianna Farinella.  The vintage wear fit appropriately to the characters of the show.


Choreography was taken over by Julianna Lyons giving actors an upbeat attitude while performing.


Production was directed by Barbara Laurain with the help of producer and stage manager  Terri White. The set of Annie was built by March Schrader which was beautifully painted by Tracy Anderson.


With the great works of the cast Katie Stodd Knapp directed the orchestra, soloist, and chorus.


Like everyone promised there was a real life dog!!!


Annie is something many Americans have seen or heard about. The SWHS Drama Department did an excellent job of portraying the classic. With songs like Hard Knock Life, Tomorrow, and NYC the auditorium with was filled with warmth atmosphere.